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Welcome on our website for Life & Spiritual Coaching!

Having found this site it is more than likely that you are on the path of self-realization. We dedicate this site to assist all whom desire to awaken and expand. Life and spiritual coaching is built around the principle of body, mind and spirit all being in balance creating a stable personality.

I believe and have proven that when all three are in balance, ones life is much more in balance and full of joy, pleasure and abundance. All aspects on this site will provide you with insights and experiences that will enrich your life and all those that come to you. It contains several categories, each of which raises your conscious awareness gradually. Here below are several examples of our work shown in the image below and thereafter with an brief explanation of what each contains.

1.LC = Living consciously

2. aCiO = A Course in Oneness  (SO)

3. IiT     =  Initiations into Transformation

4. LH    =   Living Healthier

5. OA   =    Oneness Activation

6. E = Elements

7. LoO = Law of Oneness

8. M  =  Meditations

9. BMS =   Body mind soul




Living consciously

Living consciously is a course developed by us to assist our participants to release the past, to avoid living in the future and to fully embrace the NOW moment. (Mindfulness, heartfulness)

2. aCiO


A Course in Oneness  (SO)

Was developed for participants to assist them to understand what Oneness is and how to achieve it. It is a 5 part course covering an extensive variety of topics via written materials, symbols and video’s.

3. IiT =

Initiations into Transformation

Contains 5 topics  which all serve to assist the participant to  heal a wide variety of mental, emotional, physical challenges they may be experiencing, consciously or even sub-consciously.  The topics are: Sacred Geometry, Sacred sexuality, learning to create as Gods, Umbilical cord, concentric rings - Gods merkaba, The law of Oneness.

4. LH    =

Living Healthier

This was developed with the participants general well being in mind.  Nutrition, alternative healing, healthy foods.

5. OA =

Oneness Activation

The Oneness activation is a series of guided meditations that first of all free the participant from old patterns or belief systems. We first release the old making way for the new and Oneness to enter.
6. E =


With the Elements and the Elemental Lords we take the participant on an inner journey to introduce each of the 5 elements.
7. LoO =

Law of Oneness

The Law of Oneness is an inner journey that embodies first of all the inner child, the higher self and finally the connection to everything in our known universe.
8. M =


This is a list of more than thirty meditations we have received through the years.

9. BMS =

Body mind soul

This section contains, Aryuveda for the body,  ancient healthy eating.
For the mind: understanding ego for the mind, ego consciousness, conscious consciousness, and god consciousness, coaching, etc.
And for the soul , soul retrieval, soul healing, etc

We trust you have found something that is of interest to you and if you choose to follow one of them, you might find yourself looking at more of our work and continuing with others.
Blessings, Ian, Marjo and the T.E.A.M.