Oneness activation workshop!
Some experiences shared by the participants on the 20th and 21st of November

Dearest Ian and Marjo,
I would love to share my experiences with you, but before I do I wanted to let you know that it all actually started a few days before the event. All of a sudden I found myself not wanting to eat certain foods that might not be very healthy for me or might have weighed heavily in my tummy, meat, potatoes, gravy, bread, rice and chocolate. Normally I am quite addicted to chocolate and sweet things, but now I found my body was resisting them. I absolutely did not want to eat foods that contained additives for taste, odor or color enhancement. I even had to stop drinking my favorite breakfast drink, no more Pickwick tea, sugar or candy was totally off the menu. It was as if the powers that be wanted me to prepare for this event and to be cleansed in order to receive the energies more clearly. All I could eat was fresh greens, biological crackers, rooibos tea and biological fruit, lots and lots of fruit. It was also as if I had created an extra sense that helped me to sense when toxic or damaging products had been used in the production or growth. (Which to my surprise was present in a heck of a lot of things.) It was as if I could only eat food that contained a high vibrational value. I did a lot of shopping at the biological store and they were very strict with me. Friday evening I went to a restaurant with a friend where I drank three glasses of wine and I had the most horrible hangover all day Saturday. The message was clear; no food or drink that could get in the way of the power of this workshop or else, hahahaha. I was really surprised over the way I was being guided in all of this, normally I am allowed to make my own choices as to what I eat or drink, (and they are not always happy with my choices, hahahaha) but this time it was quite clear there was to be no room for shenanigans. What I was about to enter into was clearly very important for me! The workshop its self I experienced as wonderful. It has been a very long time since I experienced such a powerful energy. Thank you both for leading this workshop and the very special activations. You are very special people and I am happy you are now a part of my spiritual family.
Lots of love, Fam…

Dear Marjo and Ian,
Already, more than a week ago since I attended your Oneness activation workshop in Harmelen. A very special experience and was almost too wonderful for words. The experiences during that day were very intense and are still working even now. I find it all indeed very special and for me very pleasant. I notice that my feeling for time is a little lost, day, night, day of the week, is no longer important, everything feels the same and it all feels good. I am sleeping like a log and waking with a feeling of total clarity. The pain I had been experiencing in my lower back has vanished, (talk about releasing, hahaha) the strangest thing too was that during the actual activations the pain was no longer there. With regards to the releasing process it certainly appears that this has been a great success.  Words to describe the day on a whole are for instance, warmth, trust, surrender, release, rest, peace, balance, sharing, inspiration, joy, enjoyment and freedom, but above all of those an intense feeling of LOVE. I might have forgotten a few, but I guess you get the picture.
Wow! What a powerful, wonderful intense loving energy I felt and experienced throughout the whole day. Perhaps the most beautiful part of it all that it is never going to leave me, from now on it is always a part of me, especially because you provided us with the after care package with extra special meditations that take me right back into that feeling, it is almost addictive, hahahaha. As you both repeatedly reminded us throughout the day, “the seeds have been sown”, and now it is up to me to continue to work with and on them. I certainly am open to the surprises I have already received and those that lay ahead of me!
Thank you both for BEING you and your guidance.
Warm greetings, Wieke…..

Dear Ian and Marjo,
As I write this it is exactly 10 days ago that I through your guidance was able to experience the Oneness field. In my home, in the attic, (note: this is where the event took place) the energies are still very much present. It is like a warm blanket, days filled with light, a very special memory that continues to work through me, through my tummy, my heart and my daily routine. Silence and recognition, as I was able to be present. To simply observe you while you worked during the Saturday. All the while I was making notes, I was able to observe the love and the loving way you both approached each and every one of the participants, spreading and sharing your attention equally among all.
Then came Sunday!
Now it was my turn to experience as I participated. I switched my thoughts off, partially because I knew to a certain extent what was going to be said, so that I could feel the energies from within myself, how the experiences would be and how they would affect me.  Deep, very, very deep. I only need to think and remember and a warm feeling descends and surrounds me, the feeling of togetherness, real togetherness was very tangible. Truly a feeling of Oneness.
Thank you both so very much for this unforgettable experience that is still finding its way inside me. I look forward to all the experiences that lay ahead of me, it is as if I can feel them moving towards me.
Thank you both very much for your guidance and loving attention throughout the two days.
Heartfelt blessings, Marjoka…

More will be added as they come in so please do check back occassionaly.